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Celebrating our 21st year of publishing the G7 Summit Executive Talk Series and our official status as the exclusive publisher of the G20 Business Summit again!

Long-term business relationships are based on trust, information, education, expert advice and independent opinion. It’s not about how loud you shout; it’s about making sure you are heard by the right people.

Over the last 20 years, the CAT Company Inc has built a reputation for producing publications that bridge the gap between Government policy and the global business community.

Our intimate knowledge of the G7/G8,  G20, and APEC  summits have resulted in our repeated appointment as the preferred official and authorised publishing partner.

If you are looking to highlight your thought leadership position, raise awareness of your CSR programme, engage in policy debate or merely increase profit we can help by providing unique strategic access to the key decision makers in Government and Business around the world.

We look forward to being your partner of choice

Chris Atkins – Founder and CEO

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