Chris Southworth, Secretary ICC UK  

Chris Southworth currently serves as the Secretary-General of the ICC in the UK. Prior to this position, Southworth was the Executive Director for Global Partnerships at the British Chamber of Commerce. He also previously a senior policy advisor to Lord Heseltine and has experience in entrepreneurship and strategic partnerships.

In a BBC interview in April, Southworth further explained the effects of Trump’s tariffs. Southworth argued that protectionist policies such as this, and tariffs imposed by China, slows progress down within the World Trade Organization. Furthermore, Southworth stated that these tariffs do not just have implications for big businesses, but have negative effects for everyday consumers and smaller businesses.

With the upcoming G20 Summit in Argentina, Southworth has expressed the ICC’s agenda to focus on digital trade. Additionally, discussions surrounding trade, tariffs, and protectionist policies are expected to occur among these business and world leaders.  

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