Jack Ma Alibaba, Chairman


Jack Ma is a widely successful Chinese businessman and philanthropist and now, the chairman of the B20, with experience participating in many business forums. In his early career, he built websites and worked in information technology. He encountered huge success when in 2000, he won $25 million from a foreign venture capital investment. This investment was aimed at improving e-commerce, resolving issues within the World Trade Organization, and assisting small and medium sized businesses. Jack Ma founded  Taobao Marketplace, Alipay, Ali Mama and Lynx in 2003. He is currently the director of Alibaba Group, a widely successful technology company. For the B20 in China, Jack Ma was the chair of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Taskforce.

With his extensive business experience, Jack Ma has various goals and plans as the chairman of the B20. He wants to make enterprises stronger participants within the World Trade Organization. He has expressed that this will ensure trade is “simpler and more inclusive.” He has also stated the importance of the digital economy and the internet, another key focus of the B20 Summit.

“Today, trade is being used for political means and as a tool for economic warfare, including through sanctions. Trade should involve enterprises, governments and NGOs. A set of new rules and regulations should be established, balancing the interests of all parties involved in order to bring trade back to its original meaning.”

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