Linda Kromjong  

Linda Kromjong is currently serving as the Secretary-General of the International Organization of Employers (IOE), which she has held since her appointment in 2015. The IOE works closely with the International Labour Organization, the G20, the Human Rights Council, and many other UN organizations. Prior to this position, Kromjong was the vice president of international labor relations and human rights with Deutsche Post DHL. Kromjong has extensive knowledge of “industrial relations, business and human rights, human capital development and human resources management, communications and team-building in international business environments.” In this position, Kromjong is particularly focused on furthering industrial relations of the IOE and working on human rights issues.

As the G20 and B20 approach, the IOE plays an important role in these summits. Argentina has placed “development, fairness and sustainability at the center of the G20.” These goals align with the ideals Kromjong has advocated for as the Secretary-General of the IOE. “The IOE strongly encourages G20 Leaders to introduce structural reforms in order to create a dynamic, inclusive, and flexible labour market with the aim of unleashing the potential of the G20 as an engine for change and global policy coordination to bring more people into work, stimulate growth and improve working conditions.” Kromjong will likely bring human rights and working conditions to the discussions regarding economic growth and industrial relations.

“We need to push and support in a balanced manner. We need to team up. We will never be ‘issue free’, and we will never have a perfect world. But the way in which companies deal with the issues at hand will make them better employers.”

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