Mexico: President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador  

In early July of 2018, Mexico had their presidential election, and their votes deemed Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, to be the new president. This election was monumental, as Obrador represents a stark change to previous administrations in Mexico. Obrador was born in Tepetitán, Mexico and attended the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, where he studied political science and public administration. Obrador entered the political realm in 1976 when he joined the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to help with a senate campaign. However, in 1988 Obrador left the PRI to join a left-wing political party called the Democratic Current. Today it is called the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD). In 2000, Obrador was elected to be the Head of the Government of the Federal District. Obrador was popular in the this position, as he advocated for expanding social programs and alleviating poverty. In both 2006 and 2012, Obrador ran for president. He ran on leftist platforms, urging for the need for more social programs, less government money going towards administrative costs, and eliminating corruption. However, in both of these elections Obrador lost. 

Despite losing the previous two elections, Obrador experienced widespread success in the election earlier this month. Not only did Obrador win, but this election signified the first time in decades that a party other than the PRI or National Action Party (PAN) has held power. In this election, Obrador ran with the Morena, or National Regeneration Movement, party. Obrador has promised to sell the presidential plane, putting the money towards the people and programs that will benefit them. He also also promised to live in his townhouse and turn the presidential home into an arts center, open to all. Furthermore, Obrador has assured tax increases to the wealthy and social programs for the youth and elderly. In the continued state of drug violence and corruption, Obrador’s promises grabbed the Mexican population, who were hungry for change.

With the upcoming G20 summit, Obrador will likely discuss with other world leaders these values. Additionally, as trade will be an important topic, Obrador will seek fair trade relations with Mexico, that will help and not hurt the economy. As Orbador is seeking to put more money towards programs and advocacy for his people, he will likely urge President Trump against the automotive tariffs he has threatened to impose on Mexico.

“I won’t fail you. We will apply the three basic principles—do not lie, do not steal and do not betray the people. Viva Mexico!”


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