Paul Kagame, President of the African Union  

Paul Kagame is currently the President of Rwanda and the African Union. Kagame was previously the commander of the group that ended the tragic Rwandan genocide. He had a successful military career was elected to be the Minister of Defense from 1994 to 2000. He was also the Vice President of Rwanda prior to becoming president. Kagame has placed national development at the top of his agenda as president of Rwanda. He created a plan for Rwanda with the goal of making Rwanda a middle income country by 2020. Kagame was sworn in as President of the African Union on January 28, 2018. “As Chair, Kagame has made it a goal to launch a Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) and also make the whole continent of Africa a Continental Free Trade Area which would also bar the need for Travel visas.”

As such, the B20 will be an important summit for Kagame. With economic development such a central goal for Kagame, the B20 will be an important opportunity for Kagame to communicate with other business leaders his ideas and plans surrounding trade and the African economy. In 2017, prior to the B20 summit, signed the recommendation Boosting Investment in Africa Towards Inclusive Compacts in Africa. It is expected for more discussions regarding investment in Africa and partnerships with African businesses to be central to the B20 in Argentina.

We must create economic opportunity, build a culture of entrepreneurship, get people to take responsibility for improving their lives, rather than putting them in a position where they sit back in their poverty and blame others for it.”

“The political, the economic, the social are tied together like the strands of a rope. The social and economic, if they are firm, tend to strengthen the other.”

“Africa should not just wait to be exploited or influenced. No. We should be part of the conversation. We should raise ourselves to a level where there are certain terms we dictate in the conversation because we have a lot to offer.”

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