Pedro Villagra Delgado, Argentina’s G20 Sherpa  

Delgado is the policy coordinator for the G20 in Argentina and the Argentine sherpa for the Summit. Prior holding this important position, Delgado was Coordinator for Strategic Projects in Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Delgado has had a successful career as a diplomat, experience that is key to being a sherpa for the G20 in Argentina. “Delgado has participated and headed numerous Argentine delegations to international negotiations and conferences, as well as being an expert for the International Atomic Energy Agency (AIEA) in Vienna on nuclear matters, safeguards, and nonproliferation.”

In February of this year, Delgado went on a tour to the United Nations in New York, Canada, South Africa, and Ethiopia to discuss goals and the agenda for the G20. In South Africa and Ethiopia, Delgado discussed how to improve relations with African organizations. He held discussions with ambassadors on development priorities for Africa. As a sherpa, Delgado works and leads the “G20 Sherpa Track which includes 10 work streams: agriculture, anti-corruption, climate sustainability, development, digital economy, education, employment, energy transitions, health, and trade and investment.” These will be key points of focus for the G20. Specifically, after Delgado’s meetings in South Africa and Ethiopia, partnerships with African businesses and development in Africa are expected to be important themes of discussion at the summit.

“It was a very productive tour; Argentina’s G20 priorities have been well received by the world. During the meetings in South Africa and Ethiopia, we agreed on the need to build active African involvement in the G20.”

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